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Best Leaking Shower Repairs In Merrylands, Sydney

What Is The Source Of My Leaking Shower?

There can be numerous reasons behind your Leaking Shower. If you want to prevent the structures of your home getting ruined by the excess moisture you need to get to the source. Don’t relax thinking that your shower is just getting affected as eventually if you keep on neglecting the shower leakage it will damage other parts of your house. The sooner you start treating the leak the better it is for your house. Contact the Best Leaking Shower Repairs in Merrylands, Sydney – 1 Choice Building Maintenance.


Building Movement– The ground or the base of the house moves over time, it’s a very slow process but when it eventually moves it creates the many thing which then lead to a leakage anywhere ,


Joints may come loose

Cracks appear

Floors may no longer be level

Doors may no longer be square

  1. Gaps – Materials too can change over time. Use and age can cause damage to the wood. Walls too may affected, when bowing or warping or any other degradation of materials, gaps can appear and these gaps allow in moisture which in turn will cause more damage to your property.

  2. Waterproofing Failure– Tiles are water proof!!! This is a total mistake. Neither Tile is waterproof nor is the grout or the backing board that the tile is mounted on. None is entirely waterproof as each material has its own degree of water permeability. The real story lies beneath the layers. If those layers are not properly chemically sealed, it can be disastrous for your property and you may have a Leaking shower, Leaking balcony, Leaks may appear anywhere.

  3. Harsh Chemical Cleaning Products–A liquid waterproofing solution can be used to coat some of your shower or bathroom materials. If you use harsh chemical cleaning products on your shower, it can wipe out the waterproofing solution and can cause degradation on your shower or bathroom materials.

  4. Low Quality Materials– Quality of raw materials plays a very important role in waterproofing you property. If quality materials were not used in the initial construction of your shower eventually it will lead to a Leaking shower or Leaking Balcony.

  5. Bad Plumbing– A proper plumber with proper fitments is a very crucial and important part of any Shower or Bathroom. Many of the plumbing parts run behind or beneath your shower wall or shower ground. In case of a slight negligence while fitting it may cause a leak and finally a Leaking bathroom.

  6. Bad tiling– Tile, as mentioned above, is not entirely waterproof. Coating it with a sealer can help. But if the tiling is not done with a professional supervision it can result into a faulty build and can permit water to get through and cause a leak.

How to Fix a Leaky Shower

When you have a problem in your home, you could certainly do it yourself, but, considering the investment and effort that you have already put in your property it needs some professional advice. If you are planning to make repairs to your home/bathroom it’s worth the investment to make sure it gets an expert touch, Expert Leaking Shower Repairs. Don’t think about the cost which will be involved in hiring a professional expert company to do the work for you. It will cost you an upfront cost is true but it will be very beneficial for your property. Many home improvement companies eventually end up calling a Leaking Shower expert or a Leaking balcony expert. So be smart and save yourself that extra dollar by calling a professional like 1 Choice Building Maintenance at the very beginning. ! choice building maintenance has the right experts and certified professional supervisors who will ensure the work done in a proper way and also they provide a Guarantee on their work.

We at 1 Choice Building Maintenance have been using this process for over 20 years, with a success rate of 99.9%

We at 1 Choice Building Maintenance pride ourselves on our professionalism, and strive for excellence and customer satisfaction at all times. Our products and services are of the highest standards with a product Warranty of 25 years. ​

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