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Stop Your Leaking Shower – Without Removing Tiles

1 Choice BM is an experienced and qualified reputed leaking shower repair specialist from Merrylands dedicated to the craft of identifying and repairing leakages to perfection.

We are CSIRO certified sealing experts and we proficiently apply the right sealant and solutions over your leaking tiles that successfully penetrates the surface and chemical bonds to create a new hydrophobic barrier to produce a satisfying result.

We make sure that every task is conducted carefully and in a proper manner, complying with all the health and safety rules and regulations to ensure no damages or accidents to your shower tiles or shower fittings. At 1 Choice BM, we use the highest-grade sealants, for your shower repairing, shower sealing, that are resistant to mould, fungus and wear and tear. Moreover, requiring low maintenance and lasts long. In addition to that, our leaking shower repair services in Merrylands are very cost-effective, organised and hassle-free, leaving you with no post clean-up issues to worry about.





We are one of the leading tiles and grout cleaning and maintenance professional, offering smart and efficient solutions for residential and commercial properties for many years.

Our team of expert technicians specialise in all form of leaking shower repair in Merrylands and balcony leak restoration to cleaning and repairing tiles and grout sealing efficiently.

We handle all types of tiles including stone marble travertine, bluestone, porcelain, stand-stone, terracotta and granite tiles. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, our team is well-equipped to provide you with a long-lasting and highly effective solution that ideally suits your needs

If you are experiencing mouldy walls or damp carpets or need expert shower leaking repairs across Merrylands, call us today! Leaking showers can cause major damages to your property. Get them identified and treated before the situation gets worse.


Leak Check

Using a non-invasive electronic leak detector your 1 Choice consultant will accurately conduct an assessment and diagnose.



Full De -grout (to a required depth) of the shower walls and floor areas including wall- to-wall junctions and hob joints.


Full Re Grout

The grout is then replaced with one of our exclusive Anti Fungal, Hydrophobic, Low Voc , Flexible grouts for a beautiful finish


Your New Full Seal

Our accredited liquid membrane, is applied to your shower area penetrating the surface and chemically bonding to create a new hydrophobic barrier to produce your new full seal. Your shower is now complete within approx 4 hours . Your New shower is ready to use within 24 hours

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