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Tile & Grout Repairs

We Can Service All Your Re Grouting Needs

Do you have cracked tiles, regrouting and missing grout that need to be repaired or replaced? If yes, then look no further than 1 Choice Building Maintenance, one of the best regrouting service provider in Merrylands. With a vast wealth of experience in the industry, we provide our clients with prompt, reliable and cost-effective tile, grout repairs, and regrouting in Merrylands. We are well equipped to repair or replace all types of grouts and tiles. Our fully trained and highly skilled team members are committed to delivering the highest standards of service, workmanship and professionalism.


At 1 Choice Building Maintenance, we understand how frustrating a damaged tile can be and how much of a negative impact it can have on the entire area. Our team is ready to do everything possible to get the get the repair work done quickly, safely and efficiently. We understand that each property is different and so we conduct detailed on-site inspections before providing our clients with tailored repairing or replacement solutions that best suit their needs. With decades of industry experience, we have access to tiles of all types, sizes and rarity. So, if you are struggling to find a match, give us a try. With modern equipment, high-end tools and top-notch tiles, we can easily repair or replace very small to very large format tiles without causing any damage to the surrounding ones. We not only carry an extensive range of adhesives and primers to suit all types of tiles but also a wide range of grouts so that your replaced or repaired tile looks as good as new.


Over the course of time, grout joints can split, crack, wear off and crumble. Regardless of how little of an area is affected, it is highly essential to have these areas thoroughly inspected as soon as you detect the signs of grout damage. Other than tile repairing, we are also experienced professionals in tile regrouting in Merrylands. In the re-grouting process, the grout lines in between the tiles, floor and wall are removed and then new ones are grouted. At 1 Choice Building Maintenance, we carry out in-depth inspections and if repairs are needed, we provide our clients with free quotes following a detailed inspection. We always carry an extensive range of grouts to suit different applications, including specialty grouts with efflorescence blockers, wide joint grouts, flexible grouts and epoxy grouts for both domestic and commercial applications. Over the years, we have earned a solid reputation for providing our clients with hassle-free tile and grout repairs in Merrylands.


Our team members are fully trained and highly experienced to ensure all your expectations are exceeded. We only stock top-notch grouts that are manufactured by well-reputed companies. No work is too big or too small for us! We have the knowledge, equipment, skills, experience and expertise to repair or replace all types of grouts and tiles.

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Tile Repair


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Loose Tiles

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